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Photographer, pet photographer, shand, catherine shand, Ontario, GTA

How it works

Keeping it real is the objective. Time, patience, chatter, stories, sounds or silence - whatever it takes to help you, or your pet become comfortable.

I like to spend time with you before the camera is raised. To learn what you are looking for, what you hope to achieve. I like to learn about you (or the person/animal that will be photographed), what makes you happy, activities you like to do, colours you like, places you frequent, things that matter to you. 

And then, together, we make it happen; discussing where best to hold the photo session, time of day, what to wear, etc.  

curious horse
cs zenaIMG-7610.jpg
photographer and a horse

Photo Credit:  Diane Hash


When photographing people, especially children, time, patience and a sense of humour are all required.   Kids are going to be kids and we need to allow breaks and stories and even try things that they come up with to include them in the process.   And mostly, allow time for the family to act like a family and be themselves infront of me so the camera can capture that. The result is a photo that captures real people, with natural expressions and genuine smiles.

When photographing pets it is similar to photographing children - allow sufficient time for their true personalities and behaviours to come out.  Whenever possible I like to photograph pets outside as much as possible.  I like to allow the pet time to run around and get any nervous energy out and hopefully capture some of that action and potential silliness. It also allows me the opportunity to observe a pet's energy, body language and natural behaviours to know how best to capture their personality and essence.  I like to use toys and treats, sounds and the bond with their human(s) for pet reaction, comfort and engagement.

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