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Working with Animals

As a pet photographer, getting a picture of your pet isn’t that tough, but getting one that reflects their true personality and what they mean to you takes time and patience. You know what they say about working with animals and kids?  Well, I have chosen to do both, passionately.

I like to spend time with you and your pet to take enough photos to capture their spark, essence, habits, natural poses and play. While there may be that one special place in your home where they love to curl up, their ability to show their true colours and ignore the camera usually happens outside. And that's where I like to shoot, where I can interact with them and see them the way you do every day.  It’s not just about getting a nice picture, it’s about getting a memorable picture of your very best friend.  Naturally, being a dog trainer helps. I know how to adapt to each pet, observe their energy, body language and be ready for their next move.  And  I have developed the patience to wait for that special moment.  To me, every picture is a story and to tell that story I feel it’s important to sit and chat with you before we begin, just to get to know you, your pet and the relationship you have with each other.

Working with People


When it comes to photographing people, especially children, the process is very similar.  Time, patience and a sense of humour are all required. The biggest difference is people are more aware of a camera. Helping people to relax and be themselves in front of a camera is what I enjoy doing. The result is a photo that captures their true spirit with natural expressions and genuine smiles.

Photo credit:  Peter Lambros