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How to arrange a photo session

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Photo credit:  Peter Lambros

Photographer in field taking photo

Photo credit: Mike Thorne

Every photo session is unique to you. That's because each one is custom designed for you, with your input.

Please give me a call (416 587-8758) or send me an email ( so we can set up a time to discuss your session and expectations.

I will then develop a quote for your review and approval and we book a date. 

The quote will include a cost for the session and initial editing to prepare your images for your review and approval. A contract will also be sent to you outlining all the details.

Upon your selection of images, we will then discuss how you would like to receive these images:  printing options (paper, canvas, metal, clothing, calendars, etc) and digital file options.  

With that input, an estimate will be developed for your approval before any prints or production are initiated.

The photo shoot itself varies in length - again, based on what you are looking for and how long we may need to accomplish the objectives.

But, rest assured, each photo session will be fun and painless!

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