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Welcome to SHANDPhotography,

Where I take pride in creating portraits that speak.

Despite the challenges and uncharted waters the world has faced in 2020, January marks a new beginning and hope for the future.  The vaccines are coming our way so just hold on, keep up the protocols and we will move through this. But we have to stay the course, wait our turn and resist getting together...for now.  So celebrate the beginning of 2021, that we will get through this and in the mantime, share the joy of photographs to lift our spirits, make us laugh and enjoy a memory.                                                                        

If I can help capture a memory of you, your child (or fur baby), please contact me through this website, email at or through my FB page:  @SHANDPhotos.  And if there are any photos that you would like to see on your own walls, please reach out and let's discuss how we can make that happen.

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