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Making Covid a Memory

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Above:  I know we all hope to look back at Covid 19 sooner than later. But for now it is a reality that we have to learn to safely live with while we wait for science to figure out how to protect and treat us.  In the meantime, I was stir crazy like everyone else when Spring arrived.  So, I reached out to the local FB group and asked if people would like a photo to remind themselves what it was like for their family during this challenging time. In exchange I requested a donation that I collected and gave to FoodBanks Ontario. The interest was amazing and it was a win/win for all of us.  I got to get out of the house, I got to meet some new people, they received a family photo or two and we were able to donate much needed $ to the foodbanks.  Here is a collage of some of the happy faces and families doing their best to live, love and laugh during a very trying time. Stay safe everyone.


If I can help capture a memory of you, your child (or fur baby), please contact me through this website or through my FB page:  @SHANDPhotos.  And if there are any photos that you would like to see on your own walls, please reach out and let's discuss how we can make that happen.

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